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Thanks for your interest in booking with me. Please send a description of the design you're interested in, approximate size, and desired placement via this form or by email. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the shop?

Morningstar Tattoo Parlor is located at 1200 6th Avenue, Suite 300, Belmont, Ca in a Victorian-style building - adjacent to Belmont City Hall.

What is the parking situation?

There is a safe parking lot behind the building conveniently located by the back stairs that lead to the shop’s entrance on the third floor. 


Is the shop sanitary?

Absolutely! The shop has a good relationship with the San Mateo County Health Department and follows strict anti-contamination procedures. I understand these procedures' importance and take blood-borne pathogens, infection, and general sanitation very seriously for every client.

Do you take walk-ins?

The shop is not equipped to take walk-ins. However, I am more than happy to schedule small, simple “walk-in style” tattoos in advance with a deposit.

Do I have to do an in-person consultation?

For custom designs, yes. I ask that potential clients schedule a consultation so we can discuss your idea in detail, take a tracing of the area, and address any questions or concerns. Flash and premade designs that require no modification are exempt from 

an in-person consultation. 

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